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Risk Mitigation through Organizational Evolution TM

The Rocky Mountain Business Advocate Group is a unique legal advisory firm specializing in providing experienced business attorneys who proactively advocate for your company while providing custom tailored guidance to help you achieve your dreams and protect your assets.  Our business model is based on taking prudent, conservative steps to identify risks whether regulatory or contractually based and implement a strategy to mitigate those risks before they become a liability, not after.  We handle your due diligence upfront to minimize costly and time consuming damage control and reduce litigation exposure.

As de facto in-house counsel, we perform two key functions:  serving as an efficient single point of contact for all legal issues and providing practical legal advice.  We also have the ability to draw on and manage the work of an extensive network of experts when deep knowledge of a particular subspecialty is required.

We are more than a source of legal advice, we work with you as a member of your business team to ensure your assets are protected and your company is growing in the right direction.  We are available on an hourly, project or monthly contractual basis.  We customize our services to match your needs.

The RMBA Group believes in investing in our community by promoting and supporting organizations and businesses which share our vision of enriching the lives and well-being of our friends and neighbors in Colorado and beyond.  We welcome inquiries regarding services we may provide to ensure your mission statement is fulfilled and the overall welfare of our community is advanced.  Please refer to our Board Memberships and Advisory Roles pages.

Our services include business planning and formation, commercial contracts, leases, corporate governance and dispute management, including mediation, regulatory and internal compliance, personally identifiable information security, Intellectual Property licensing and protection as well as many more.  Please contact us to discuss how we may provide exceptional legal and business advocate services for your company.

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