C&A PRO Skis

C&A PRO Skis

Technical Mountain riding and boondocking is a sport that demands skill and the right equipment. 
C&A Pro Skis have taken our many years of race-proven designs and adapted it fit the extreme conditions of technical mountain riding!

The C&A Pro Boondocking Extreme ski (referred to as BX) is designed with these features:

  1. The BX has a progressive curved rocker giving riders a smooth transition when navigating through trees. 
  2. Integrated snow traction scoops grip the snow at even the most severe angles.
  3. The tail tapers to a slimmer profile for tighter cuts when side-hilling. 
  4. Designed with a larger than normal kicked up tail to enable riders to use reverse in deep snow like never before. 
  5. The BX has raised traction ridges on the outside of the ski delivering foothold when you need it most.  Its unique design grabs your boot and save your shin.

From the trail head, through moguls, to the mountain slopes, C&A Skis will have you riding like a pro.

Technical Mountain Riders demand the ultimate in performance and C&A Delivers!  

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