• The Steamboat Powersports delivery!
     The Steamboat Powersports delivery!

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Thursday, August 20th, 2015

The moment we have been waiting to share all summer, Steamboat Powersprts has graciously donated 2 NEW Ski-doo Summits for the '15-'16 season. 

The deal had been in the works since last winter and finally we are proud to announce that Jason and the guys from Steamboat are going to make sure we are on the best equipment. Making sure that we can get our classes out and back safely. During the '14-'15 season, TBA in Fort Collins, received a call inquiring about getting a class going out of Steamboat. After working out some of the details it was a sure thing. After class, Brian had been working on the training sled in the trailer in the parking lot, when Jason came out, kept him company, and got to know the organization. 

Later in the spring, while attending Ultimate Snowmobiler, Jason and Brian discussed  the topic a little more. As summer rolled into full swing, Brian was working away on the new mobile classroom and one evening, he got a call. Jason was calling to tell him that he had spoken with Ski-doo and everyone was on board. The following season, would see TBA with a long track and a mid track to provide dependable and more than adequate machine for the classes. 

We have been patiently waiting to ensure that nothing would go wrong. Today Jason was coming down to the East slope and was nice enough to personally deliver the new TBA sleds. Brian said "I have no words for the pride I feel in what I am doing for the community. To honor my brother in the only way I know and be rewarded by those that want to help. Truly amazing. I feel like a kid at Christmas, this year it got delivered only one day after first snow fell in the Snowies."


Get signed up for a class, we can share with you how to ride safe in the backcountry. With the best gear, the latest knowledge and some good riding partners you can ride the west safely.