• Deploying the JetForce Bag
     Deploying the JetForce Bag

Klim - On Board

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Klim Technical riding gearWe have been blessed with some great sponsors, it is always hard to say goodbye but this year Klim is bringing cutting edge technology to the table in the avalanche safety world. Their partnership with Pieps has brought JetForce technology to our air bags. In addition they want to make sure we are in cutting edge gear as well to ensure we are dry and warm during class and play in the backcountry.

JetForce Technology Let's talk cool tech for a minute, this bag can fill the air bag in under 3 seconds. It can maintain a 6 inch rip in the air bag. It automatically reverts the fan after 3 minutes, just in case. And oh yeah it is rechargeable and super easy to pack up after a deployment. We got to play with a demo model at Haydays this year, it was very impressive. The TBA team is excited to get it in the field and run it through the paces. The storage area didn't get much attention as we weren't loading it up for a day trip. "This is one very cool advancement in air bags, we have been following its development and have been watching closely," said Brian, "It's new, really new. The finished product has really come together and if Klim wasn't sure of the technology they would certainly not be bringing it to our industry."

After charging with the provided wall plug the bag displays the number of deployments remaining. The rider can periodically verify the number of pulls remaining while riding if they feel the need as well. When the unit is powered, it goes through a full self test that includes a kick of the JetForce fan. The 200L air bag is big, compared to some of it's competition who are ringing in from about 150L to 170L, more displacement is more flotation. Also, in the worse case scenario where a rider miscalculates conditions and triggers, and without adequate motion does not come to the surface, the new bag has a little extra feature. After 3 minutes of maintaining pressure, the fan kicks into reverse and deflates the air bag. This may just give you the extra air volume you need while waiting for your rescue.

Look for a mid or end of season review of this bag and find out what we think when we get it out of the field (Haydays) and out in the field this winter, or get signed up for a class and come check it out in person.


Tyler in his Klim gear

The second half of the deal is that Klim is going to make sure we are warm and dry. They have a reputation in the industry for cutting edge technology in their clothing. If you knew Tyler, you knew that he loved his Klim gear, his Ski-doo Summits and everything winter in general. After finishing up the negotiations with them this fall at the season kick-off show in Minnesota, we are proud to announce their support. Klim is very active in providing riders with the very best possible gear and equipment. This has led them to being not only an industry leader but also an industry innovator. They have deep continued commitment to their product development and strive to continue to improve their product through dedicated test pilots and passionate customers.

From our conversations TBA feels that Klim is a company ran with great fortitude and a conviction to excellence. Little things that are not commonly seen in business anymore were present in our discussions including a great deal of respect to others in our industry. Ensuring that TBA will fit in well with the Klim family and vise versa was just one of the ways this company has shown us that they are not just about promoting their product above all but rather that they want to be represented to our students as one of the great options for advanced safety gear. Along side our current sponsors,  Klim's partnership truly helps achieve the goal of presenting the students with available options, the knowledge of each product to share its strengths, and the ability to allow students to wear the bags during class and in the snow. It goes so much further than trying an empty pack on in the store or ordering from the internet.                   


Our primary goal is to help others and with the help of industry leaders it is much easier to continue our program. So Thanks to Sid at Klim for wanting to bring his technology to our students and instructors.