Join The Club

Joining Tyler's Backcountry Awareness officially puts you on the roster of our club. It gives us both the financial support that we need to provide training and education, and it gives us strength in numbers to lobby our cause with the Colorado Snowmobile Association. Tyler's Backcountry Awareness is an affiliated club, through Colorado Snowmobile Association (CSA). There are two ways to join the club: Online through the CSA (accepts credit cards), or by mailing in an application (check only).

To join through CSA, please follow these steps:

Click this link to visit the Colorado Snowmobile Association (redirects to the 'Join Now' page). Click the ‘Join Now’ Button. The step numbers below reflect CSA's form and progress meter!

Step 1

Select your ‘Membership Type’ from the drop-down and click ‘Next’

Step 2

Complete the required ‘Member/Business Information’ (see the red dots) and click ‘Next’

Step 3

Fill out the number of people and if you want to receive Snow Scoop and click ‘Next’

Step  4

IMPORTANT – Click the ‘Add Club’ Link. Expand District 1. Select ‘Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness’. Then click ‘Next’

Step 5

Pick a user name and password and click ‘Next’

Step 6

Select any additional donations (optional) and click ‘Next’

Step 7

‘Agree’ ​to the Policies and Ethics of CSA and click ‘Next’

Step 8

Verify Information and click ‘Next’

Step 9

Complete payment

To download the mail-in form, follow these steps:

Download the form HERE. Complete each box, either online with Adobe Reader, or print the form and legibly complete each box. Mail the form, with a check for the appropriate amount to the address listed.